Cartography students presented with awards at the 2012 Annual Meeting

The AAG Cartography Special Group presented cartography students with three sets of awards at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the AAG in New York.

Nick Perdue: Mapping Personal Living Space

Nick Perdue: Mapping Personal Living Space

The 2012 AAG-CSG Honors Student Paper Competition was held on Friday, 2/24 and was well-attended by AAG-CSG members. Four students were identified as finalists and received reimbursement for their AAG registration as well as a book of their choosing from Esri Press; the 1st Place recipient was awarded an extra $100 prize. In addition to the presentations, students received journal-like reviews on their work by three judges and were encouraged to submit a revised manuscript for publication in Cartographic Perspectives. Presenters and titles included:

  • 1st Place: Nick Perdue (Michigan State) Mapping Personal Living Space: Rethinking Urban Populations [abstract] [example maps]
  • Finalist: Raechel Bianchetti (Penn State) Visualization Variables in Cartography and Aerial Photo Interpretation [abstract]
  • Finalist: Shaun Fontanella (Ohio State) Teaching Geography with GIS Based Games [abstract]
  • Finalist: Owen Mo (Cal State) Mapping Potential Metro Rail Ridership in Los Angeles County [abstract]

The 2012 Illustrated Paper Competition, jointly managed by the Cartography, GIS, and Remote Sensing Specialty Groups, also was held on Friday, 2/24. There were six posters accepted as finalists into the competition; the top three posters received monetary awards of $500, $250, and $150. Presenters and titles included:

  • 1st Place: Andrew Shatz, John Rogan, Yelena Ogneva-Himmelberg, and Hao Chen (Clark): Creating and Analyzing a Time Series of Species Distribution Models: Asian Longhorned Beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis) in Worchester County, MA [abstract]
  • 2nd Place: Marion Clement, Kae Yamane, and James K. Mitchell (Rutgers): The Shantytown Mapping Project: Google Earth in the Study of Urban Shantytowns [update]
  • 3rd Place: Shanshan Cai and Desheng Liu (Ohio State): Combining Object-based Classification Approach with Pixel-based Contextual Classification on Airborne High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery [abstract]
  • Finalist: Jorge V. Bajo (SUNY-Buffalo) Using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques to Help with Community Mitigation and Volcanic Hazard Mapping [abstract]
  • Finalist: Lu Liang, Yan Lei Chen, and Peng Gong (UC-Berkeley) New Global Ecoregions for Land Cover Characterization [abstract]
  • Finalist: Xianwei Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences) and Peng Gong (Tsinghua University) Lake Water-level Changes of 56 Large Lakes in China from 2003 to 2009 Based on ICESat/GLAS Data [abstract]

The Value of America's Forests: Sarah Graves

Finally, winners of the 2012 National Geographic Award in Mapping were announced at the Cartography Specialty Group Business Meeting. There were a large number of submissions to this year’s competition from nearly twenty different institutions; the 1st and 2nd place winners received monetary awards of $900 and $600 respectively while honorable mentions received maps from National Geographic.

  • 1st Place: Sarah Graves (UW-Madison) The Value of America’s Forests [full map]
  • 2nd Place: Brad Carter (Ryerson) Broken Windows and Violent Crime in Philadelphia [full map]
  • Honorable Mention: Dongsei Kim (Harvard) The Demilitarized Zone: Redrawing the 151 mile border between North and South Korea [full map]
  • Honorable Mention: David Himelman (Harvard) NORCs in NYC! [full map]
  • Honorable Mention: Pat Moriearty (UW-La Crosse) Global Unrest: The Face of a Changing World [full map]

The Cartography Specialty Group wishes to thank all students, advisors, and judges involved in the 2012 competitions; highly quality work was displayed across all three student outlets.

Please contact Robert Roth ( for questions about 2013 competitions as we grow closer to the meeting in Los Angeles.


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