Cartography Specialty Group Selects Amy Lippus for Master’s Thesis Grant

The most recent recipient of AAG’s Cartography Specialty Group (CSG) Master’s Thesis Grant was announced in November. Amy Lippus of the University of Montana’s Department of Geography was awarded the grant for her thesis proposal entitled “The History and Evolution of North American Ski Resort Maps: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Past, Present, and Future.” Lippus will be compiling and analyzing North American ski resort maps from the 1930s-present in order to understand how and why ski resort maps have evolved since their original design. Lippus will also be conducting key-informant interviews and surveys in order to understand how skiers today perceive present-day ski map styles and features with the goal of shedding new light on existing theories of map cognition.

The CSG Master’s Thesis Research Grants are intended to promote scholarly research in cartography to students who are currently enrolled in Geography or a related degree program. Applications to the upcoming grant are due March 15th, 2014 Visit the CSG site for more information about the CSG Master’s Thesis Research Grant.


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