Call for CSG Board Nominations

As Past Chair of the Cartography Specialty Group, I am seeking nominations for the following positions and terms of service. Email me directly ( with nominations or self-nominations before March 4, 2016. A specialty group election will be held shortly thereafter.

Open Positions:
Vice-Chair (2016-2017)
Academic Director (2016-2018)
Secretary / Treasurer (2016-2018)
Student Director (2016-2017)

The Vice-Chair requires a three year term of service, serving the first year as Vice-Chair, the second year as Chair, and the third year as Past Chair. The primary responsibility of the Vice-Chair is to organize CSG-sponsored sessions at the annual meetings and to assist the Chair in interacting with the AAG and managing the specialty group.

The Academic Director must be an employee of an institution of higher education at the time of their election. He or she is responsible for organizing and managing the CSG-sponsored student paper and illustrated paper competitions and coordinating other competitions jointly sponsored by CSG and other organizations. The Academic Director serves for two years.

The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for keeping and submitting Board and Business Meeting minutes, keeping the group’s financial accounts, and submitting a report at the annual meeting. The Secretary/Treasurer serves for two years.

The Student Director serves a one year term and assists the Academic Director in managing the student illustrated paper competition, and brings student perspectives to the CSG Board.

Service to the cartography community is valuable and appreciated by the other members of the community. More information about position responsibilities is available on the group’s website ( Additional questions may be emailed to me directly (

Please consider nominating or self-nominating in order to help me put together a strong CSG election ballot. All eligible and willing nominees will appear on a ballot emailed to CSG members prior to the AAG Meeting.

Thank you for your participation!

Thomas Pingel
Northern Illinois University


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